Language Assistance Program

Language Assistance Program


Language Assistance Program Annual Notice


¡El Programa de Ayuda de Lenguaje del Grupo Holman es gratis y proporciona intérpretes, consejeros bilingües, y traducciones! Para tener acceso al Programa de Ayuda de Lenguaje, por favor llame 1-800-321-2843 y pregunte por el Departamento de Intake.


The State of California's Department of Managed Health Care has added Section 1300.67.04 (Language Assistance Programs) to Title 28 California Code of Regulations. This new regulation requires health care service Plans to implement new policies, procedures, research, and quality improvement efforts, etc. in regards to assisting those who are Limited English Proficient (LEP).


The Holman Group is pleased to formally introduce a long-established, free Language Assistance Program (LAP). The Holman Group has the following resources available for LEP Individuals: translations, interpreters, and bilingual staff/providers. These resources are available for all persons speaking any language other than English; however, we have identified our threshold language(s) as Spanish. Threshold languages are determined in accordance with the new regulation and comprise at least 5% of our Enrollee population. All vital documents will be translated into the threshold language. All non-vital documents will contain a notice at the bottom of the document (in the threshold language) informing the member how to request a translation of the document. Section "Enrollee Demographic Profile: Language Needs" shows how the threshold language is determined.


To access The Holman Group's free Language Assistance Program, or to receive translations of vital documents in our threshold language, please call (800) 321-2843 and ask for the Intake Department.


*Please be aware Notices explaining how enrollees may contact their plan, file a complaint with their plan, obtain assistance from the DMHC and seek IMR are available in non-English languages by contacting your provider, The Holman Group at (800) 321-2843, or on the DMHC's ( website.*


Enrollee Demographic Profile: Language Needs

Results of the 2015 Enrollee Demographic Profile Assessment


During the 2015 Enrollee demographic profile assessment, it was determined that, in addition to English, Spanish is one of our threshold languages. Using Census information, we found approximately 31.15% of our Enrollee population speak Spanish. The two other languages which came the closest to being included in our threshold languages are Chinese (approximately 2.08% of our Enrollee population speak this language) and Tagalog (approximately 1.58% of our Enrollee population speak this language).


Standards for Enrollee Assessment

Enrollee assessment is done using the following steps:

  • U.S. Census Bureau information is used to assess the percentage of individuals who speak particular languages in specific counties.
  • This percentage is multiplied by the number of The Holman Group enrollees in those specific counties. These percentages are added across all counties, and if the percentage is 5% or greater, then this language is considered a threshold language.
  • This assessment will be completed every three (3) years.

Note: These numbers represent the estimated percentage of The Holman Group enrollees who speak Spanish, Chinese and Tagalog.


Data Sources

Statistically valid language data is retrieved from the American Community Survey census data. Two websites will be used to provide this information: and/or