Identity Theft Program

How It Works

The Fraud Resolution Program™ is a confidential and easily accessible service that provides a comprehensive response for dealing quickly with Identity Theft. By simply contacting The Holman Group, you will receive a free 60 Minute Consultation with a trained and experienced Fraud Resolution Specialist who will:


  • Provide members with a 60-minute free consultation.
  • Conduct eight emergency response activities.
  • Assist members with restoring their identity and good credit.
  • Provide members with a free “ID Theft Emergency Response Kit™.”
  • Assist with the costly steps to dispute fraudulent debts, as a result of ID theft.
  • Follow up with the member and monitors the Fraud Resolution progress.
  • Counsel and provide a list of the “Preventative Steps” necessary to help in an effort to avoid future ID theft losses and damages to the employees/members’ credit reputation.