Stress And What You Can Do About It

Life is moving at an accelerated pace. Some people can adjust fairly well, while others have a difficulty in conforming to rapid changes. People who experience trouble in adjusting may get overwhelmed. Personal problems can ensue, such as marital discord, and a decrease in job performance. When ignored, they may develop into critical health issues, including headaches, sleep disorders, and job termination. If not addressed, they might lead to severe consequences, such as hospitalization, heart attacks and even suicide.

Why is stress such a confusing issue? Simply because of the way our bodies respond to its effects. Situations that increase our stress reactions can cause detrimental consequences. These situations may be self-induced or as a result of extraneous pressures, also consisting of unpredictable situations, unreasonable deadlines, and discussing uncomfortable issues with others. Although some people excel under stressful situations, this does not safeguard them from experiencing any repercussions.

Managing stress through unhealthy means is both unrealistic and harmful. Unfortunately, some individuals view this as their only method of addressing difficult issues. Effects of destructive coping mechanisms include drinking alcohol, drug and substance abuse, increase in family conflicts, fast and reckless driving...the list is endless. Ultimately, these mechanisms distort their perception, leading them into a self-destructive life style.

How Can I Address Stress In a Healthy Manner?

Stress reduction techniques which help in controlling and minimizing our everyday stressors are simple, easy to do, can be fun, and definitely healthy. Following are some of the techniques you can use to help alleviate stressful situations:

  • Learning stress signals and addressing them before they control your life
  • Developing relaxation techniques (especially after work hours)
  • Exercising regularly (walk, golf, swim, tennis)
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Eliminating use of alcohol, drug and substance abuse
  • Limiting caffeine intake
  • Organizing time effectively
  • Allowing leisure time for friends and family
  • Delegating to others
  • Maintaining a sense of humor
  • Thinking positively

Stress reduction is essential to ensure a long, healthy and enjoyable life. If you are enrolled in a Holman Employee Assistance Program (EAP), just call us at 1-800-321-2843 to arrange your initial appointment. Counselors are professionally trained to help you resolve difficult issues in an emotionally safe environment.

The Holman Group genuinely cares about your welfare and we strongly believe that no one is beyond help. It is our belief that everyone is entitled to excellent mental health care services and are committed to providing them to you.