Executive Management Team

CEO, Ron Holman Ph.D.

Ron Holman has a PhD in counseling psychology. He also holds a MFT license and is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor. He founded The Holman Group in 1979. The Holman Group is comprised of four companies dedicated to ‘Making a Difference’ in people’s lives. Dr. Holman is the president and chief executive officer of the four companies, which provide treatment and services to more than 1,000,000 individuals in over 1200 organizations nationwide. The end result of his dedication to alternative, more cost effective mental health/substance abuse care has been to provide a wider range of personal and professional services to employees of private and public organizations as they deal with the complexities of life in modern society. Dr Holman is personally invested in establishing a deep balance in Mind-Body-Spirit!

President, Elizabeth Holman M.B.A

Elizabeth Holman, President, has been with The Holman Group since she completed her MBA. During this time, she has worked in a variety of positions with increasing responsibility. In her current position as President, she has the overall responsibility for the development, installation and evaluation of the plan to market treatments and services resulting in the establishment of new accounts. Elizabeth directs all logistical and operational procedures which support the marketing plan involving written reports, statistical summaries, proposal development and benefit communication materials.

Senior Vice President Client Services, Jane Galvin L.C.S.W.

Jane L. Snowden Galvin holds a Master's degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin. She is a licensed clinical social worker. She has extensive experience in a wide variety of clinical settings, including inpatient acute care, residential treatment, locked psychiatric units, and outpatient treatment settings. Jane currently serves as the Sr. Vice President of Client Services for The Holman Group. She has been employed with The Holman Group for over 33 years. In this capacity she serves as the liaison between client corporations and The Holman Group. Additionally, she is widely recognized as an expert trainer in a variety of mental health areas, including stress management, elder care and childcare. Her ability to assess corporate clients' needs from both a clinical and corporate standpoint allows her to effectively and swiftly meet the needs of the Holman clients.