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As a medical doctor or nurse practitioner we know that you are aware of the significant impact mental health and lifestyle issues can have on the management of a chronic condition. Depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and substance abuse all hinder a patients recovery and can hasten the progress of disease. These issues also reduce a patient’s medical compliance.

You are often in the best position to notice a behavioral health problem first and to offer a referral or additional information that your patients may need to address the emotional aspect of his or her condition.

Your patients trust you and often expect you to be an expert in everything. We are here as your behavioral health experts. Our psychiatrists will share their expertise so you can help your patient receive the behavioral health treatment they need.

The Holman Group has a Pharmacy Intervention Program, which will allow you unlimited telephonic consultations with one of our psychiatrists regarding prescribing the most effective psychotropic medications for your patients who are Holman members. To access this free benefit, simply call 1-800-321-2843 and ask to speak with a Pharmacy Intervention Psychiatrist. We will also be able to let you know if your patient is eligible to receive any incentives for participating in the Pharmacy Intervention Program.

To consult with one of our psychiatrists, or to “warm transfer” a patient into our Behavioral Health Disease Management Program, simply send us a confidential message through our Doctor-to-Doctor confidential messaging system, or call us at 1-800-321-2843.

If you just need some information to provide one of your patients, please feel free to access our Behavioral Health Wellness Library; it includes informative articles and tip sheets for patients.

Or, if you are looking for a community resource for your patient, we have an online resource library available for your use. If you do not find the resources your patient needs, through the Community and Online Resource library you can also send a confidential request to one of our Health Advocates and they will find the right resources to meet your patients' needs.

Our services are available for you and your patients.
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